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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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bridge. breaking news right now, the wet weather is here and so are the problems. the chp tells us weather could be a factor in a head-on collision that shut down the dunn-barton bridge. you are looking at the toll plaza where westbound traffic is slowly moving once again. it happened near the high rise near the san mateo county side.
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one of the drivers got on the bridge going the wrong way. two people have the entire bay area is on storm watch. gene elly is standing by. but we begin with jeff ranieri and more on what is ahead. >> we've been tracking pockets of moderate to heavier rain. we backed up the radar from 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. a heavy pocket ofainfall scooted across the dunn barton bridge producing winds 15 to 20 miles an hour. no doubt conditions were slick across thatli dunn barton bridg as people are in the hospital with major injuries. as we zoom out, you can find
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pockets of moderate rainfall in the peninsula. san jose to morgan hill, this is just the beginning of an onslaught over the next six days. what can you expect? a wet commute. roadways very, very slick out there. for tomorrow the rain and the wind increasing and by 9:00 p.m. we could have wind gusts topping 30 miles per hour. the first round in several areas of rainfall moving into the bay area. we go live to jean elly. >> reporter: city leaders in redwood city want everyone to prepare for more rain. they have sandbags for anyone who may be facing rising water
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levels. friendly acres is flooded with holiday cheer but heavy rain may flood the neighborhood with water. ron miller has been flooded before. >> your garage, everything in it gets ruined. you can't keep nothing that is not elevated at least four to six inches off the ground. >> reporter: redwood city is urging people in flood prone neighborhoods to pick up sandbags. the city has flooded signs ready to be put up on street corners. it is a frustrating way of life for people living near the bay front canal. when the canal is overwhelmed with rain water and the tide is high, storm drains back up. businesses like this outpatient center are prepared, flooded parking lots mean canceled surgeries. miller raised the garage to try to avoid a soaking.
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>> so far i haven't had any water in this garage. >> reporter: a series of incoming storms is expected to put his plans to the test. public works crews are on call and ready for a busy storm watch. we can prevent flooding by clearing storm drains in our neighborhoods. some great advice because it will be isolated urban flooding we could see this weekend versus major river flooding like in 2005. tom? >> go to you can sign up for severe weather and breaking news weather alerts. today in the bay begins at 4:30. new at 11:00, caught on tape. san jose police need help identifying these two men. they are suspected of scamming
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an elderly woman out of $12,000 by selling her a fake gold bar. a camera in a target store shows her leaving with the suspects. she thought she was buying a bar of gold valued at twice that much. if you recognize the men san jose police would like to hear from you. emotions ran high tonight at a vigil for a newark teen stabbed to death just a few blocks from school. hundreds of students gathered to share their anger and grief. 17-year-old justice ofoa was attacked by two men. he died of multiple stab wounds. investigators are urging anyone with information to come forward. one theory is the men could have been retaliating for an incident in september when he stepped in
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to defend a cheerleader from two attackers. dmv employee who is accused of sending an abusive letter to a transgender's woman. the letter was written on religious stationary and called her sex change "an evil decision." demartini has been on paid leave. he received sensitivity training. a bay area community is making peace with an old neighbor. people protested against a porn studio taking over their neighborhood several years ago. tonight the tune has changed. many families are rolling out the welcome mat. >> reporter: they are saying
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this place may be bringing benefits. the graffiti is gone and the homeless are not sleeping on the steps. adult film making in their neighborhood may not be so bad after all. it is a mystery what goes on in this building in san francisco. for those who don't know -- >> we occasionally shoot movies here. >> reporter: the movies are not g rated, pg or r. it is online porn. the company is founder and ceo four years ago bought the armory for $14.5 million. sharon drummond and her husband are glad he bought the place. >> the hotels that were running was full of drug dealers, child molesters, everything you could possibly imagine and we don't have that problem anymore. >> reporter: he had a dream of turning part of the armory into
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a for-profit community center. >> the kind of events the community would like is farmers markets, free markets, sports practice. >> reporter: that may involve children. people protested saying his porn studio next to a community center would expose children to the adult film industry and bring in the wrong elements. >> anything naughty is happening behind several sets of closed doors in the basement. there is no chance of anything being seen or heard. >> reporter: recently he poured in thousands of dollars to bring the electrical and fire alarm systems up to code. once that is done by the spring he plans to hold an event so the community can see how things go. a lot of things have to take place before a community center can move in here. you have to have a lot of hearings and the city has to
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approve it. live in san francisco, cheryl rd bc,he bay area news. >> i'm jeff ranieri. cold air across the east and south bay with mid to upper 40s. we are tracking the rain from the east to the south bay currently. this developing storm will be pushing through into your weekend. details on how much rain you can expect in minutes. they are very seriously preventible events. >> medical mistakes completely avoidable but they happen every day. wrong surgery, forgotten instruments, surgical sponges left in patients. how far from perfect your hospital is. the 49ers embarrassed on national tv. there is more to the story regarding the playoffs. late tonight the world series mvp, he said what? he's bitter. what edgar renteria is saying about the giant. as we go to break, the holiday spirit alive and well in
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♪ but you'll never find my christmas ♪
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the rain already starting to fall in some parts of the bay area, the calm before the storm. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the changes in the forecast and will be along with those in five minutes. >> i don't know what to say to you except to you my audience, thank you and instead of goodbye, how about so long. >> 25 years larry king bid his audience a final farewell tonight. it was an emotional goodbye with his family on set. king's send offincluded president obama, former president bill clinton, donald trump and a special song from tony bennett. the 77-year-old king conducted 40,000 interviews and recorded 6,000 shows for cnn. piers morgan will replace king in january. now to an nbc news
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investigation. could the very law intended to protect you from hospital mistakes be hurting you instead? sb 1301 took effect in california in 2007. it required hospitals to report their mistakes and face fines for preventible errors. as vicki wynn reports some say the law is leading hospitals to cover up their medical mistakes. >> to the wonderful woman, she was an incredibly giving woman. she was an amazing woman. >> reporter: david stewart says the life of that amazing woman, his mother, diane, was cut short after an elective knee surgery. >> it was a complete perfect storm collapse of care. on every level there was a collapse of care. that's what was so shocking. >> reporter: shortly after surgery his mother began feeling
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intense abdominal pain and asked repeatedly to see a doctor. no doctor came until it was too late. diane stewart was rushed into intensive care three days after surgery and died the next day. >> do they want adverse reports to be reported? no. it injured their reputation and they may be fine. >> reporter: their attorney says the state's law requiring hospital to self-report errors and face fines isn't working. >> i don't think the 2007 law has had its intended effect. hospitals that had no reports of violations is astounding. i know from personal experience and my colleagues there have been medical events at these hospitals not being reported. hospitals engage in a game of coverup. i do. >> reporter: state health leaders say since 2007 reports of adverse events, causing serious harm or death have gone
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down by 12%. they don't know if the fines are cutting the errors or if hospitals are underreporting. >> it raised an awareness in the hospital industry. >> reporter: three bay area hospitals were fined in the last investigation. $50,000 at petaluma hospital. ucsf was fined $50 for leaving part of a drill bit in a patient's brain. >> they are very serious. these are preventible events. >> reporter: in each case the hospitals say the fines have led to better care. >> it caused a sea change in our operating rooms. >> of all aspects of the organization at ucsf to understand what the root cause of these problems are and try to
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fix them. >> reporter: as for the stewart family and stanford hospital state health department investigators found stanford hospital failed to meet the federal standard of care in diane stewart's case. the report says the hospital failed to record vital information about her blood pressure and urine output. that data may have prevented her death. what most ainngers them, someon deleted part of her medical record. in a statement stanford says stanford hospital and clinics cannot comment on the details of this disputed claim because of patient privacy laws. they denied any obligation. they settled in a civil lawsuit but said that was not an admission of fault. the deleted records were
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considered temporary notes. >> evidence was deleted. >> reporter: as a patient you can help protect yourself. >> if you feel something is happening to you ask for the attending physician or chief of staff. go right to the top. immediately get a copy of your records. next get to a physician who you trust. show them your medical records. ask them to tell you if this could have been prevented. >> reporter: requesting an autopsy can provide crucial information after an unexpected death. >> if necessary, get to a lawyer. sometimes that's the only way you'll get to the truth. >> reporter: for david stewart whose family lost a beloved mother and wife, access to that truth is what every family deserves. stanford hospital was not fined in diane stewart's death but the state health department said she died before the adverse effect
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law went into effect. the state medical board declined to pursue action against her doctor. the stewarts have gone to the governor to appeal that decision. how do you find out if your hospital's record is one of the best or the worst? we have a link, violations on our website. go to and search hospital. the complete statement from stanford hospital is posted there. the rain is here. it is going to get a whole lot worse. >> it sure is. the wind is going to be the thing that people are going to really want to note here as we head throughout the next three days. periods of gusty winds and while we are looking at heavy rainfall, the river level gauges are not showing any major flooding. the russian river is expected to hit 15 feet as we head into sunday. a flood stage is not until you hit 32 feet. good news when it comes to the
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river flooding we are watching right now that could be a potential. it looks like these isolated urban areas are flooding. this wet pattern remaining over the next six to seven day period. widespread over the east and south peninsula. moderate rain fall to morgan hill. spotty showers throughout livermore. the heavy rainfall has been pushing across the peninsula even during the dunn barton bridge crash. right here getting in on heavy rainfall south of san bruno communities on interstate 280, pushing in on highway 101. it is late in the evening and we are seeing instability. add sunshine and daytime heating and that will keep it active in the next couple of days. winter storm warning for the sierra, three to five feet of
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snow and winds that could gust upwards of 60 miles an hour. temperatures in the low 40s in and mid 40s in the east bay. the rain stays put and the wind coming back into the mix and several different disturbances could cause us these isolated flooding concerns. look at the moisture this flow is tapping into. we will see the onslaught of moisture hit as far as southern california where los angeles could get in on flooding concerns. this trough of low pressure is widespread and streaming in waves of energy in the jet stream in northern california. rain for tomorrow. also rain here for saturday's forecast. heavier rain and possibly some gusty winds. one to two inches through sunday. the higher elevations could get
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in on two to five inches our computer models are picking up on. the coastal areas will see quite a bit of rainfall. windy periods and isolated flooding at times. here is a look at saturday morning, winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. tonight low to mid 40s in the south bay and east bay. the numbers for tomorrow in the low 50s from gilroy to morgan hill. walnut creek, dublin, livermore, on the colder side. 53 in san mateo, 51 in richmond. tomorrow is the primer. as we head through early saturday morning is when the winds start to intensify and we get on rainfall. rain friday, saturday and sunday and the forecast models have a bit of a break on monday with heavier rain on tuesday. >> the rainy season begins. >> yes, it does. up next, the christmas story
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mmm. you smell that? yeah, wait. what is that? love.
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smells like ham. [ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life. >> good evening. where do you want to start? nothing much to say other than it was embarrassing. tonight's loss hurts the 49ers and the raiders' playoff chances. what did we do so wrong? justin smith nudges a ref. he is ejected from the game. it was that kind of night. alex smith coming right at the camera. nice scramble, dives into the end zone, that is the touchdown. hold on. upon further review no
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touchdown. no big deal fourth and goal from the 1 yard line. mike singletary says we're going for it. anthony dixon, right up -- not even close. stuffed. 49ers empty handed. they had a ted ginn jr. touchdown called back. the chargers, 34-7. the 49ers embarrassed, humiliated, they drop to 5-9 on the season. >> the bottom line is we did not play well tonight. it's as simple as that. we've got to regroup and get ready to finish our last two games. this team has had its high and lows, but if we are fortunate enough to go to the playoffs, i believe that we deserve to go. >> yes. they're still talking playoffs. it sounds crazy but the niners still have a chance to win this
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mediocre division and get in the playoffs with two more games remaining. some interesting baseball news late tonight. someone is unhappy with the giant. who would be unhappy with the giants? would you believe the mvp of the world series edgar renteria blasting the team. offered a one-year, $1 million contract, like a thank you. the same deal they offered pat burrell. he called it a total lack of respect and he is insulted. sharks hockey, well, here we go. this is a game that helps define winning teams. they bounce right back in dallas after losing in nashville. logan couture with the game winner. 4-3 the sharks beat the stars. he makes millions of dollars now but warriors star monte
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ellis remembers his past. >> i was one of these in the line. we didn't have much when i was growing up. >> heavy words. stefan curry giving away holiday food and gift packages. take a look at the line, wrapped around the block. close to 1,000 people. reminds us of the generosity of the warriors an our community. back in a moment with brian wilson's big announcement.
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okay. watch carefully. would he shave the beard if he became the mayor? take a look. >> the mayor of san francisco was stepping down and he decided to give me the reins to take over the city of san francisco. well, i think i might start my running campaign and i'm going to need your votes. >> all i can say is he is beautifully weird. >> i kept looking in the background. w hy outa we ld h aayke c put. good night.


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